A Synopsis of Dream Light Art St. Louis Wedding Photography Service

Step one: You select your artist on our extensive website portfolio section, interview (chat directly with) your artist, choose the number of hours of service, and contract for the agreed service by specific artist and number of hours.
Step two: You keep in touch with your artist and refine your wedding day photography plans over time. And have a more in-depth planning session with your chosen artist closer to the wedding date.
Step three: The artist (or two artists or even an assistant also) helps you capture your lovely wedding day in a wonderful collection of images often numbering around a hundred per hour of finished images. More if two artists are shooting. We shoot in “RAW” mode at 30+ megabytes per image – often totaling over 50 gigabytes of data per event.
Step four: Those huge RAW images are then color processed with meticulous care – often meaning two and half hours of color processing work per hour of shooting on the wedding day – sometimes more. Few studios at any price in the metro area offer this level of color processing. Some don’t even shoot in RAW mode - they are too much to deal with for them. But our resulting finished jpg images for the client are truly finished, superior, and ready to enjoy to the max!!
Step five: The images are provided to the client (with full rights) as jpg images in four different sizes and in three different ways: Full Res: often over 11 megabytes each, Mid Res: around 2-3.5 megabytes each, and Small Res: from 250-350 kilobytes each, and finally the “EasyShare” collection that are around 1-1.4 megabytes each.
The “MidRes” images are uploaded to a lovely online gallery site and a link to the secure site is sent to the client. If the link is shared, anyone can view the entire collection online without downloading anything at all. This site also allows for convenient and affordable real professional laser photographic print purchases. These prints have four layers of resin on a strong polyester backing that will last for generations. They are getting hard to find.
The “EasyShare” images are uploaded to the cloud as a single zip file and a unique link to the secure site is sent to the client. If the unique link is shared, anyone – anywhere in the world - can have super easy access to the entire collection of images from the wedding. These images are printable up to 8X10”.
The Full Res, Mid Res, and Small Res images are provided on a flash drive sent directly to the client.
Step 6: You should now be ready to enjoy your lovely images to the max in any way you choose! You can design and produce your own album(s) for instance – or have us do so for you. We currently offer extremely fine true Italian leather cover albums from arguably the finest album producer in the world and soon will be offering very affordable alternative albums at half those prices. Get as creative with your images as you like!! We expect you will enjoy them to the max! They are truly yours to enjoy!

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