Capture Your Wedding Through Exceptional Photographic Art

At Dream Light Art, we specialize in providing high-quality photographic art services for weddings. Our photographic artists venture in other creative interests as well which contribute to our company's innovation, but as a company, we simply focus on providing the best photographic art services for weddings we can at reasonable rates. Our company is designed and functions for that purpose alone. We generally serve the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.
Your satisfaction is critical to our success and toward that goal our photographic artists work extremely closely with you from the start.  Then, following the wedding day, we spend more time in post-production than any other studio in the metro area. These exceptionally captured and edited images are all yours to keep and enjoy to the max! We are passionate about what we do and trust you are passionate as well. If you are, we will work together very well! We will treat you as a friend and your satisfaction is our top priority.