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We are looking for various levels of talented photographic artists or aspiring talent to help us provide the photographic art service we would like to grow into in the coming years. We can mentor talent well as well as working with existing talent. We can help in marketing and in helping to make most efficient the provision of high-quality wedding photography services for talent that could use that help – so that everyone actually does very well and the clients are delighted with the service. We compensate well – we try and work as a team where everyone feels a respected member of the team. Rebecca Haas is the main contact in this regard.

Our Needs

  1. Lead Photographers: We need only one or two really well-established, experienced Wedding/Portrait photographic artists with strong portfolios to round out our “Lead Photographers” that we will feature on our new website. We need to see a marketable portfolio from this individual. We will interview this person and need links to Instagram/facebook/website or wherever this individual’s photographic work can be viewed. Any formal education and experience details that might be relevant should be noted. The compensation at this is very generous.
  2. Second Photographers: We need a couple of talented second photographers since our Leads often need to work with additional photographers. We have often worked together up till now among the three of us with an occasional outside photogrpaher, but our demand is growing. These photographers don’t need to as much the strong, marketable portfolio but need to demonstrate a high level of photographic competence and portraiture skills we can work with and have confidence in as second photographers working under the direction of a lead photographer. This is a great position – all of us enjoy being second photographers at weddings as we can be especially creative with some of the responsibility off our shoulders and the compensation is very generous here as well. It is more generous than some studios pay their lead photographers in fact.
  3. Non-Shooting Assistants: We need very reliable non-shooting assistants to help our photographic leads and second photographers with lighting, carrying equipment, being a second pair of eyes in shoots, and doing little things to help out every shoot like arranging the bride’s train or veil. And helping make sure we do everything noted in our planning notes – that is actually a big help. Just someone responsible and truly engaged in the team effort. We are getting more sophisticated with our lighting and this is actually a responsible, professional position – we pay very well for this position with this in mind – ideally, we really want dedicated professionals here. A really good NSA is a gem and we know it and we compensate accordingly.

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